Who We Are

Cassius Mining is a resource exploration and mining company with projects based in Africa, most notably, our Soalara Limestone Project in Madagascar. Our relationships with our local communities are at grassroots level with a vision for long-term investment in our regions and people.


Cassius has a strong focus on ensuring the sustainability of its operations. We acknowledge that exploration and mining has an impact on the environment, we look to mitigate this impact and ensure we leave a positive social and economic legacy for the surrounding communities for generations to come.

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Our Operations

  • Cassius Mining Limited is an ASX listed minerals exploration company with its major project on the SW coast of Madagascar (Soalara Calcaire Limestone Project).
  • Cassius holds a 40 year Mining License (Exploitation) on its 2 contiguous licenses at Soalara, with only ~4 such licenses believed issued in Madagascar. These Mining licences provide Cassius with secure tenure underpinning a long-term commitment.
  • Soalara Calcaire is an undeveloped very high-quality Limestone Project situated ~30 kms south of the major regional centre and port of Toliara
  • The inactive Gbane Project in Ghana is located ~21 kms SE of Bolgatanga in the Upper East. Cassius has been working here since 2014 and was the first company issued a large-scale Exploration Licence in an area previously restricted to small-scale miners.
  • The Gbane project is located along strike from the substantial Namdini Gold Project (5 kms to the SE), and is directly adjacent to an established producing Gold mine
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Our Team

Our Team

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