Local Sustainability Prioritised

Cassius’s proposed operations intend to embrace respect, nurture mutually beneficial relationships and provide opportunities for inclusion and advancement of the community. The company will ensure that its contractor/s also support its/their employees by providing training, education, employment and business development. Cassius’s principals, being part of the community where the operations are to begin, is well placed to identify who is connected to and uses the land in order to establish effective community consultation and engagement programs.

Cassius and its management are focused on giving back to and improving the local community.

Cassius will demonstrate its environmental responsibility by minimising the environmental impact of its operations and will contribute to lasting environmental benefits, while adhering to its goal of sustainable development.

Cassius will comply with all legal and regulatory frameworks surrounding environmental issues and is committed to its operational environmental management via its proposed approach, based on robust identification, assessment and control of material risks across all phases of its and its contractor’s business operations.

  • Employment

  • Integration

  • Opportunity

  • Local Investment

  • Sustainability

We have embedded ourselves into the local community by providing not only employment but important resources. This water source was one of the projects provided to the Ghanaian people at Gbane, with similar projects planned for the local Madagascan community at our Soalara Limestone Project. Our plans are long-term and our future lies in the region and the people.


Charitable Causes

Although we like to focus on our local environment, we do look further afield to try to help noteworthy charities and their causes.

Here are some of our most recent charities we have been involved with

Save Our Sons

cassius charities sons

Mates on a Mission