Our Advisory Investment Principles

Our strengths come from our ability to offer:

  • The accessible and practical advice in the areas of corporate management, transaction identification, negotiation and structuring (or restructuring), transaction management, delivery of projects.

  • Long-term relationships to support the robust growth of organizations and companies we are engaged by.

  • Client responsive and service focused attitude when dealing with our clients and service providers.

  • A trusted business partner with a commitment to confidentiality and commercial prudence, whilst representing our clients and working towards achieving our clients’ objectives.

  • Source and collaborate with service providers at the top of their respective field to provide specialised expertise to our clients, where it is needed.

  • Flexible and cost-conscious working approach to ensure speed of response and value to clients.

Despite the frequency of successful transactions, many deals fall apart due to the difference between cultures and methods. Cassius has a valuable international network that provides direct access to the various markets and extensive experience dealing with ‘local’ firms.

Cassius can assist in the successful execution of transactions with the group that is most suitable, based on tried and tested principles.

An investment partner needs to be chosen based on firms that are highly committed to the particular industry or product. Many attempted investments fail due to picking the wrong partner, resulting in a lack of deep commitment from a foreign-based firm to a particular product or investee company

Once a suitable partner is chosen, it is important to connect directly with the right level of executives at that firm. This is regularly poorly attempted by firms and advisers that do not have extensive knowledge of the relevant market and direct access to key executives

There are a number of significant cultural and structural differences across continents, which on many occasions have halted transactions or destroyed partnerships, causing financial and reputational damage. Cassius has extensive experience in managing these differences and assisting in arriving at a mutually beneficial outcome.

Our Vision

Cassius’ vision is to become one of the most relevant mining groups in Ghana, creating sustainable value for shareholders, employees, contractors, suppliers, customers, business partners and host communities, with a commitment to implementing a long-term practice of engaging and training local personnel and labour force.

Cassius’ objective is to explore, extract and process natural resources with sustainable development. All the projects will be developed with the highest standards of industrial practices, social responsibility and environmental sustainability by optimising the resources and simplifying processes. Cassius will ensure that all of its contractors adhere to its strict standards and practices.