Chenene Project

The Chenene Lithium Project consists of four contiguous Lithium exploration licenses totaling ~300 km2 in central Tanzania, ~40 kms N of the capital city Dodoma, accessible by major road and less affected by the annual wet season than areas further south.

The main features are the NW-trending Chenene Hills of sheared granite within rolling plains formed mainly of eroded granitic soils. A belt of metamorphosed schists and quartz-feldspar gneiss rocks outcrops along the margins of the granites within the Company’s licenses, exposed intermittently above granitic soil plains1.

Pegmatites are hosted in these metamorphosed rocks of the Dodoma formation within the ‘Hombolo- Msangani belt’, a NW-SE trending belt approximately 35 km long and 13 km wide. Folding was later deformed by NW shearing. Pegmatites were emplaced prior to the shearing.

Lithium-bearing pegmatites have previously been locally identified in this metamorphic belt at Dulu (within the Company’s PL 11921 license), as well as in neighbouring areas to the Company’s other licenses.

Geology of Tanzania and location of the Chenene Lithium Project

Project Details

Dodoma, Tanzania


Resource estimation drilling