Cassius is committed to the responsible management and development of our projects.

Cassius has a strong focus on ensuring the sustainability of its operations in Madagascar.  We acknowledge that mining has an impact on the environment, we look to mitigate this impact and ensure we leave a positive social and economic legacy for the surrounding communities for generations to come.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Cassius aspires to be the corporate citizen of choice that is welcomed by the communities that host our activities. Cassius aims to enhance communities, behave with respect and care for people and the environment, take broad responsibility for the effects of our presence and do what we say we will do. Our focus is on creating self-empowerment within communities. We do this by encouraging innovative partnerships and initiatives that build the capacity of the local communities and remove the need for ongoing support and dependency.

Cassius works with our stakeholders who include our people, government and local district assemblies, communities, traditional owners of land, suppliers, customers, non-government organisations, and investors. Together with our stakeholders, we align to positively manage change and secure opportunities for people, economies, the natural environment, the built environment and communities. At Cassius we act as a catalyst to build community capacity in various ways and have an established approach that aims to provide mutual benefit.

Our Community

Socio-Economic Activities and Community Relations. Relationships of good standing have been established with the Chief Executive of the Minerals Commission and local Mayor and elders at Soalara. Cassius always respects all local cultural sites and cultural activities within and around its licenses.

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People are our business. Communities have the opportunity to be involved in our activities, either directly through employment or indirectly. By welcoming a diversity of people and ideas, Cassius encourages opportunities for self-development, shared learning and benefits for our stakeholders. We respect the culture and beliefs of people generally, and in particular, people in our host communities.


At all times the company will strictly adhere to Minerals Commission Guidelines and implement best practice activities, so as to ensure the management of the mineral resources effectively and efficiently, so as to optimize the company’s contribution to the sustainable socio-economic development of the community.


Cassius invests in our communities at both a regional and local level. Through proactive engagement with stakeholders, Cassius is working towards creating opportunities, partnerships and community self-empowerment.

Human Rights

Cassius believes that foreign companies have a responsibility to promote and protect human rights and to uphold the dignity of individuals, who should be free from discrimination and vilification.


The company’s operations can provide a strong base for economic growth of the communities through paying taxes and royalties, working with local suppliers and focusing on local employment where possible.

Natural Environments

It is recognised that the location in which we will operate presents challenging environmental sensitivities. Managing the effect of our activities in this area is a core focus, and Cassius are committed to maintaining sound environmental management practices and meeting our responsibilities throughout the lifecycle of our activities.

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Community Interaction and Environment

Cassius’s proposed operations intend to embrace respect, nurture mutually beneficial relationships and provide opportunities for inclusion and advancement of the community. The company will ensure that its contractor/s also support its/their employees by providing training, education, employment and business development. Cassius’s principals, being part of the community where the operations are to begin, is well placed to identify who is connected to and uses the land in order to establish effective community consultation and engagement programs.

Cassius and its management are focused on giving back to and improving the local community.

Cassius will demonstrate its environmental responsibility by minimising the environmental impact of its operations and will contribute to lasting environmental benefits, while adhering to its goal of sustainable development.

Cassius will comply with all legal and regulatory frameworks surrounding environmental issues and is committed to its operational environmental management via its proposed approach, based on robust identification, assessment and control of material risks across all phases of its and its contractor’s business operations.